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Meet The Team

English for Nurses Sabine 2.jpg

Founder and Teacher

Sabine Torgler

German born Sabine arrived in the UK 20 years ago, and at the beginning of her nursing career in this country she found herself struggling with nursing and medical terminology. She founded English for Nurses in 2010 to help other Overseas Nurses to be able to work professionally in the UK – as well teaching her language courses to other nurses, who are not living in the UK, but have to deal with international patients on the wards in their home-countries.

Sabine says: “I want to share my experiences and skills with other Nurses who are dealing with foreign speaking patients, and Nurses who want to work overseas in an English-speaking country. EfN empowers Nurses to be able to communicate in a professional way with their patients. I am so happy after every EfN course because I can see the positive difference it has made to their relationships with their patients, and their careers.”

Sabine is the Director of EfN as well as teaches the language courses with her colleagues.

English for Nurses  Sarah Todd.jpg


Sarah Todd

My name is Sarah. I trained as a nurse in the late 80’s and about 2 years after qualifying left nursing for a career in the Ambulance Service. I have worked my way up from trainee to Paramedic and am now an Emergency Care Practitioner with extended skills for treating people in their own homes. I also work part-time in a Minor Injury Unit and do some lecturing at the University of the West of England. English for Nurses is a great way for me to help nurses of all nationalities to learn, not only the language used in our British hospitals, but the culture they will need to adapt to.

English for Nurses stephanie.jpg


Stefanie Monaghan

Hello, I’m Stefanie. I was born in Berlin and did my nursing training there too.

Like many other kids I studied English at school, but unfortunately I was far to interested in all the other things life had to offer me as a teenager!

My interest in the English language didn’t truly begin until I went travelling through Australia and then onto the UK.  After a painful start, complete with embarrassing moments which still make me chuckle, I realised that it takes more than my school English when tackling the daily tasks of life and working as a nurse in an English speaking country…to understand those ‘wee’ nuances they don’t teach you at school that are part and parcel of a different culture and language.

Looking back, I think I would have benefited from what ‘English for nurses’ has to offer: a place to ask questions, a forum for learning and sharing, with people who went through all that themselves.

Be part of it 🙂 I hope you enjoy the course

English for Nurses Donna.jpg

Book Keeping

Donna Druce

Hello, my name is Donna and I do the bookkeeping and invoicing for EfN.

I worked in finance for a number of years after leaving university then decided to have a complete change and explore some of my other interests, so did project management for various sustainability projects, which led into organic vegetable and herb farming and sidelines from that.

I now have 2 small girls and went back to the magic of numbers where I am really enjoying being a bookkeeper for fantastic organisations such as EfN. I love working with such an exciting company that is growing so rapidly in every direction and with such lovely and dynamic people!

English for Nurses  Heidrun.jpg


Heidrun Pundt

I studied with Sabine during the ‘International Nursing Management’ course in Bremen/Germany and then spent my Semester abroad in London, UK. Currently I’m working in further-education in a hospital and have become a board member of the Nursing Council in Bremen. I joined EfN in 2013 to support Sabine with the project entitled “Deutsch für Pflege” (German for Nurses), which I think is vital to offer to overseas nurses who would like to work in Germany, Switzerland or Austria to ensure they are able to communicate in a professional way with their German speaking patients.

English for Nurses Willi Torgler.jpg

Pocket Guide King

Willi Torgler

He is Sabine's Dad and is the Pocket Guide King. Willi Torgler send professionally all pocket guides from the North of Germany to all over the world.

English for Nurses Jacqueline Filkins 2.jpg


Prof. Jacqeline Filkins

Some years ago an email arrived asking for my comments about a module for an English language training programme for Nurses aiming to come and work in the UK. This captured my interest. I was aware of the importance of good communication skills for nurses and that speaking the language without knowledge of professional terminologies and culture could lead to problems.

After this first involvement, I quickly became aware of the potential of this emerging company. Its drive and enthusiasm was infectious and with the leadership of its Director, Sabine Torgler, and the knowledge and commitment of her colleagues the company has expanded and has established itself firmly within the EU.

It is an honour and a pleasure to be asked to be a Patron of this professional, insightful organisation and I will strive to continue to support it.

With very best wishes Jacqueline Filkins (Prof.)

English for Nurses Katrin.jpg


Katrin Steinsiek

My name is Katrin and I have been working as a nurse in Bremen since 1997.  I have experience in teaching German as a foreign language to Polish and Russian People and in 2008 I also gained a qualification in Health-Education.  I joined EfN in 2013 in order to support their new project entitled ‘Deutsch für Pflegende’ (or “German for Nurses)”.  I passionately believe that language in nursing is vital –  It is absolutely essential  to gain respect for your profession through professional communication.

English for Nurses  luke.jpg


Luke Bizios

Hello, I’m Luke EfN’s graphic designer.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Sabine at the very beginning of EfN by mutual contacts through previous design work in the Health & Social Care sector.

Working together, I’m very proud of the “look and feel” that we’ve developed for EfN through it’s logo, website and printed materials. I suppose you could say that I help bring the COLOUR, literally, to the organisation!

English for Nurses James.jpg

Social Media, Editing and Admin

James B

Hi my name is James,

I met Sabine a few years ago on another project and was later welcomed onto the English for Nurses team.

I currently look after EfN’s social media presence as well as helping with general editing and creation of presentation material.

I’m delighted to be a part of the always-exciting and surprising EfN Journey!

English for Nurses sabine N.jpg


Sabine Nagele


My name is Sabine Nägele. I met Sabine Torgler in 1999 at the University in Bremen where we both studied “International Nursing Management”. My studies then led me to South Africa where I was bitten by the travel bug! I am trained as a paediatric nurse and specialise in Paediatric Intensive Care nursing. In 2004 I started working at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children on PICU but, for the first time in my life, I began to feel homesick so decided to return to Germany.

Language is the key to everyday life. It is with great pleasure that I support English for Nurses with my knowledge of Paediatrics. I am very glad to be a part of the team.

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