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Partners of English for Nurses Courses

English for Nurses are proud to be working with hospitals, language schools and organisations in the UK, Germany and throughout Europe. In this section you will find a brief overview of our partners, organised by country. 

It is our continuing aim to reach as many nurses, midwives and healthcare professionals as possible, ensuring professionalism, safety and confidence through clear communication. We have formed close working relationships with all of our partners, often creating bespoke language courses for their specific needs. As an international network with contacts all over Europe we are also able to facilitate work placements for overseas student nurses.

We are always seeking new working relationships and opportunities. If you would like to become a partner of English for Nurses, or have any other questions, please contact us.

English for Nurses UK Flag

United Kingdom

  • University of West of England in Bristol

  • Spire Hospital in Bristol

  • Spire Hospital in Leicester

  • Spire Hospital in Sutton

  • Great Western Hospital in Weston-Super-Mare

  • Great Western Hospital in Swindon

  • Medway Hospital in Gillingham

  • St. Thomas Hospital in London

  • NHS Cumbria

  • Central Manchester Foundation Trust

  • Avon and Wiltshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

  • Royal College of Nursing

English for Nurses Ireland Flag


  • Carlow International English Language School

English for Nurses Switzerland Flag


  • Alterszentren der Stadt Zürich

  • Stadtspital Triemli in Zürich

  • Kantonspital Aarau

  • Bethesda Spital in Basel

English for Nurses German Flag

Germany Niedersachsen

  • Nordwest Krankenhaus in Sande

  • Bundeswehrkrankenhaus in Westerstede

  • Ammerlandklinik in Westerstede

  • Krankenpflegeschule des St. Johannes Hospital in Varel

  • Medizinische Hochschule in Hannover

  • DBfK Niedersachsen

  • Herz- und Diabteszentrum in Bad Oeynhausen

  • Landesverband der Hebammen in Niedersachsen

English for Nurses German Flag

Germany Bremen

  • Rotes Kreuz Krankenhaus in Bremen

  • Bremische Schwesternschaft

  • St. Jospeh Stift in Bremen

  • DIAKO in Bremen

  • Bremer Pflegerat

  • Bildungsakademie Gesundheit Nord

  • Standort: Klinikum Bremen-Nord

  • Bildungsakademie: Gesundheit Nord

  • Standort: Klinikum Bremen Mitte

  • Fachhochschule Bremen

English for Nurses German Flag

Germany Hamburg

  • Albertinen Akademie in Hamburg

  • Asklepioskliniken in Hamburg

  • Universtätsklinik Eppendorf in Hamburg

  • Arbeit und Leben – Mobilitätsagentur in Hamburg

  • Hamburger Pflegerat

  • DRK Schwesternschaft

  • Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften in Hamburg

  • Hamburger Krankenhausgesellschaften

  • Behörde für Gesundheit und Verbraucherschutz in Hamburg

  • Hamburger Fern – Hochschule (HFH)

  • Virtuelles Studienzentrum der HFH

  • Studienzentrum Alsterdorf der HFH

English for Nurses German Flag

Germany Schleswig-Holstein

  • Pflegerat Schleswig Holstein

  • Landesverein für Innere Mission in Schleswig-Holstein

  • Universität Lübbeck

English for Nurses German Flag

Germany Berlin / Brandenburg

  • Berliner Hebammenverband

  • Call a Midwife in Berlin

  • Dominikus Krankenhaus in Berlin

  • Haus der Pflege in Berlin

  • Hochschule Lausitz

  • Sana Klinik in Lübben

English for Nurses German Flag

Germany NRW

  • Universitätskrankenhaus Bonn

  • Bildung und Beratung Bethel in Bielefeld

  • Mathias Hochschule Rheine

  • St. Marien Hospital in Hamm

  • Bochumer Bund

English for Nurses German Flag

Germany Hessen

  • Hochwaldkrankenhaus in Bad Nauheim

English for Nurses German Flag

Germany Bayern

  • InterDisziplinäre Fortbildung (IDF) der Schwesternschaft München vom BRK e.V.

  • Bayerischer Landesverband der Hebammen

  • HQ Sana-Kliniken in Ismaningen

  • Studienzentrum Nürnberg der der HFH

English for Nurses German Flag

Germany Rheinland Pfalz

  • Diakonissen Krankenhaus Mannheim – Speyer

English for Nurses Austria Flag


  • Allgemeines Krankenhaus in Wien

  • Österreichischer Pflegeverband in Wien

  • Arbeiter Samariter Bund Österreichs in Wien

  • Barmherzige Brüder Spital in Salzburg

English for Nurses The Netherlands Flag

The Netherlands

  • Landstede School in Raalte

  • International Language Inn in Zwolle

English for Nurses Switzerland Flag


  • Tor Vergata University of Rome

English for Nurses International Flag


  • European Nurse Directors Association (ENDA)

English for Nurses albania


  • Catholic Lady of Good Counsel University in Tirana

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