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16th ENDA (European Nurse Directors Association) Congress 11th – 14th September 2024

European Nurse Directors Association

The 16th ENDA (European Nurse Directors Association) Congress will take place from 11.09.2024 to 14.09.2024.


This fabulous European Nurse Directors Association event will be hosted by Dr. Margareta Bruckner, and this year’s topic is a hugely important one: 'Nurses: Delivering the Future'.


The congress will feature wonderful guests and speakers from all over the world, including 2 from Bristol, UK: Michelle Samson and Nick Browning who are both ACPs at North Bristol NHS trust / Southmead Hospital. They'll be delivering a lecture called: 'Identification, Implementation and Successful Workforce Expansion of Advanced Practitioners in the UK’. Should be brilliant!


You can find full details about the congress and the programme via this link:


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