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English for Nurses Sabine Torgler Writing for Nurse’s View – ‘People are People’

English for Nurses

Sabine’s new article for her regular column on is now available!

This month, English for Nurses Sabine talks about a recent experience with a group of German academics where she was invited to speak about nursing in the UK. Of course, the group was interested to hear about the challenges facing the NHS. For Sabine, the key is to remain positive and solve problems together:

“Yes, we have troubles. Yes, there is a waiting list, which seems endless at the moment. Yes, there is a shortage of nurses, doctors, and all healthcare professionals. Yes, there have been financial cuts in the past, which should never have happened in the NHS. Yes, yes, yes! But to all of these challenges, the NHS = us are doing a pretty damn good job.”

You can read the article ’People are People' here:

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