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Pocket Guides for English for Nurses and Midwives: New Video!

Have you heard about our Pocket Guides, which offer essential English language support for nurses and midwives?

Please take a look at this new video to find out more about our colourful, pocket-sized, information-packed, books!

All Pocket Guides are available to order now from our online shop:


Our Pocket Guides are ideal for nurses and midwives who need support when speaking English on the wards! They have been designed with the non-native English speaker in mind. Each book is spiral bound, and every chapter is colour-coded to allow nurses to find the required content as quickly as possible – on the wards, when it really matters. The text is generously sized, clear and easily legible. The pages are laminated for durability.


We have published 4 different Pocket Guides:


  • English for Nurses (for German speakers)

  • English for Nurses: Basics (full English to German translation)

  • English for Nurses: UK & International Edition

  • English for Midwives

Our big thanks again to Christiane Gainer Videography for creating this video!

English for Nurses

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