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STAMMTISCH Online Meet Up 25/01/2024, 5pm – 6:30pm (UK time)

Happy New Year to all the nurses, midwives and other healthcare professionals. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are ready for a new year of learning and networking.

One of the ways you can do that is by joining our monthly STAMMTISCH, a free online meeting where you can meet and chat with other healthcare professionals, share your knowledge and experience, and improve your English language skills. STAMMTISCH is a German word for a reserved table in a pub for people who meet on a regular basis, but you don't have to be German or speak German to join us. We welcome healthcare professionals of any nationality or background, as long as you are interested in speaking English and having fun!

The meetings take place in English, via Zoom, and last 90 minutes. We can accommodate about 20 to 25 participants per session, and we still have some spots available for the next meeting. If you want to join us, please register as soon as possible to secure your place.

Thank you for your interest and I hope to see you soon at our STAMMTISCH!

NEXT MEETING: 25/01/2024, 5pm – 6:30pm (UK time)

We would love for you to join us. Just send me a message via Facebook or email at:

Sabine and the team

English for Nurses

English for Nurses

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